+ art & images of black folks.

"I heard someone say, the other day 'All black folks look alike.' This puzzled me, for as far as I could see, we black folks represent variety..." - Unknown (paraphrased)

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"Girl in a Purple Bikini"
Painting, 2010
Dawn Okoro

"Girl in a Purple Bikini"

Painting, 2010

Dawn Okoro

"Bill T. Jones, body painted by Keith Haring"

Photography, 1983

Tseng Kwong Chi

"R.I.P. Trayvon (78/365)

Painting, 2012

Cbabi Bayoc

"It took me awhile to decide to do this piece. But realizing this is one of the biggest news makers of the year, and another tragic story of losing one of our boys too soon, I had to include this beautiful photo. Our teen boys have so much coming at them. If not racial inspired ignorance, it’s someone within our community trippin. There is a Trayvon experience everyday for a mom and dad. Regardless of what happens legally, there is good in this experience… We can come together when we really want to. Protect your boys y.all!"

Check out Cbabi Bayoc’s 356 Days with Dad Project.

Bird In Hand

Drawing, 2006

Ellen Gallagher

"Blue Shade"

Collage, 1972

Romare Bearden

"Foraging (asphixia version)"

Photograph, 2008

William Pope.L

"Guide Me No More"

Painting, 2011

Amy Sherald


Painting, 2009

Dawn Okoro